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OTOH, just looking at the IPO to 2003 period before the linked chart.I hear MS gives out regular dividends while Apple just reinvests the money back into the business.

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Instead, I bought the car, and still have it today, though it now has 175,000 miles and is badly in need of replacement.But although technically nothing changes for me, the investor, during a stock split, in reality often times there are changes.You can use services like ShareBuilder to purchase fractions of stocks to build up to a full share, but some of their fees are a bit high.Public on April 27th 2004 and reached a high of 767.65 on October 5th 2012.He used some of the proceeds to pay the down payment on my house as a wedding present.In this case there was the iPhone 5 announcement, followed by a quarterly earnings, followed by the iPad mini (and others) announcement.

Easter 2008, use the money from selling the shares to re-buy Apple again.But IIRC, it had a much better performance through some earlier part of that period (IPO to 2003) but then imploded mightily and stayed flat for years.

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I said 10 years ago it was already too late for them and still believe this even more strongly now.And it looks like things are settling down again across the board, so no one should panic just quite yet.No iPods, no iPhones, iPads or iAnything - all because of me.

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The Investor Relations website contains information about Apple Inc. business for stockholders, potential investors,.Get detailed financial information on Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL).Seriously, I have made a good portion of tips to friends and family, rarely were my tips heeded.I was already a long time Mac user and although I had no idea what the future held, my gut was telling me to invest in Apple.Over 400 thousand dollars before tax every year in dividends.

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This tends to cause the price of a stock that has split to increase after the split.

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This chart is saying the market believes Apple has more of a future of success than Microsoft.

In 96 there was no indication whatsoever that Apple was going to turn around.You know how high school yearbooks have quotes that people can look back on and laugh at.I let it sit in a savings account before eventually using it as a deposit to buy a house.But there is almost always a loss the day after any Apple product announcement (or earnings call) once the analysts start pissing and moaning about how the company failed to live up to their misinformed and unrealistic expectations.He realized that no matter what they released, people would buy it in droves.

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FB stock is up 0.1%...He still would have walked away with a great experience and more knowledge had his stocks tanked.Event submissions must be a comment in the weekly stickied megathread, or will be removed.Apple was not soo successful at the start of the graph, but has become MUCH more successful.Although he did very well in the housing market, part of me wishes we still had them.

Some of us, invest in things we believe in, not just things with good market indicators.After losing those halo products, their old core business - desktop and laptop computers - is completely flat because they are now competing in a mature market.Now the decision support engine is telling us that Apple stock is no longer at the same risk.

But there is a bit of symmetry there, considering how quickly it gained much of that value to begin with.Thanks to the two 2:1 splits, your shares went from 3,000 to 12,000.Unless the guy consistently picks out top earning stocks it is indicative of it being a fluke more than it being any true insight into market forces.


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So sure, in the past 10 years your Microsoft stock has not grown much.There are only so many luxury electronic devices you can sell in a recession.