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The strength or weakness of a stock determines how much buying or selling. the technical indicators will confirm.Switching Data Feeds Tips This video provides some tips on switching between feeds, and will be especially valuable for.

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Volume Breakdown Indicator requires the Volume Analysis Package.WIKA offers a complete range of electronic pressure. pressure transmitters and process transmitters for the measurement of gauge, absolute and differential pressure.Hey joe, thanks for your indicator, I have been looking at the site you suggested and the guy as another indicator below the one you made, that is called Buy Sell.

In general, at the low of the bar, most (if not all) volume will trade at the bid (sell volume).Max Delta - The maximum delta value achieved within each bar.Especially useful for tick-based periodicities like tickbars, volume bars, range bars, PNF, Renko, etc.Buying Power Crosses Above Selling Pressure. the indicator registers a sell signal like it did.A value of 1 signifies that the tick came in over 5 seconds from the previous tick.Volume Breakdown Indicator This video details the Volume Breakdown indicator which breaks down volume into buy volume, sell.

The magnitude of the delta determines the strength of that pressure.Stock prices go up when buying pressure is more and stock prices go down when there is more selling pressure.

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Core Indicator Premium Indicator Price Based Trading Related Drawing Tool Smoothing Statistic Volume Based RTX Extension Other.This result simply deals with the number of trades, as opposed to the size of those trades.The most common use of the VB indicator is to calculate the delta (difference between the buy (ask-traded) and sell (bid-traded) volume) of each bar.Delta Momentum - Delta Momentum essentially sums up the delta values while the per bar delta remains on the same side of the zero line.

In essence, the higher the values, the faster the frequency of ticks.The best volume indicator for NinjaTrader day. meaning that the loss of buying pressure in an uptrend or selling pressure in a.It looks inside each bar, breaking down and classifying each tick and then accumulating the results (accumulation is optional), and further giving the user a variety of statistical measures (including all built-in technical indicators) to apply the these results.Positive deltas signify more buying pressure, while negative deltas signify more selling pressure.Force Index Technical Indicators in Python to Measure Buying and Selling Pressure.Volume Profile Chart Style This video demonstrates the Volume Profile charting style along with the ability for bars to.

Buy Volume % - Percent of volume within each bar which was classified as Buy Volume.Futures, foreign currency and options trading contains substantial risk and is not for every investor.Min Delta - The minimum delta value achieved within each bar.In other words, current bars delta minus previous bars delta.Avg (Least Square) - Performs a least square average using the Period specified.

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The Chaikin Oscillator is the. the indicator is designed to measure the momentum behind buying and selling pressure.

Custom Price Level Alerts This video explains how to create custom price level alerts for one or multiple symbols, which.Trendlines on Cumulative Delta Bars This video demonstrates new functionality for trendlines for maintaining their relative position.

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Ask Size (Live Only) - Plots the ask size at the time of each tick or trade.The VB indicator is unique in that it loads tick data (when initially computing) regardless of the timeframe of the chart, in order to breakdown the volume of each trade, and calculates on each tick.Price Change - This result counts how many price changes occurred within each bar.

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Money Flow (Delta x Close) - Delta of the bar multiplied by the closing price of the bar.

While it may take a few moments to initially add VB to a chart, or load a chart which involves VB, the VB indicator is designed to calculate very efficiently on a tick-by-tick basis, regardless of the combination of settings selected.

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