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Money Ireland is part of the european single currency the Euro.When visitors start getting to the nuts and bolts of their Ireland travel, the topic of money and credit cards.

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Update Cancel. Germany used Deutsche mark as currency between 1948 and 2002.

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In the Republic of Ireland the currency used is the Euro and in Northern Ireland the currency used is the Pound Sterling.

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Several Scottish banks issue their own bank notes which can be used in the north of England and in Northern Ireland,.Which currency is used in Germany, the euro or the Deutsche mark.The ISK is good only in Iceland, and should only be obtained in Iceland, for the main purposes of this forum.

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The coins issued under the Decimal Currency Acts were finally withdrawn from circulation in 2002.

There is absolutely no need to worry or wonder about what currency to take.

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United States Paper Money World Coins World Paper Money Ancient Coins Medals.Euro is the single currency used in the countries of the European Union.If anything, it is a benefit for the tourist, as your home currency converts into more ISK now.So, just as FrozenBaz has posted, I would think the HKD would be fully exchangable in Iceland.

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My main concern has always been relatively short duration tourist-type trips, and the best way to use your home currency.This is because your home currency will convert to much more Icelandic currency than ever before.Above all, if I was Icelandic, I would find it rather insulting to be asked what kind of currency to bring, as if Iceland was some backwater, 3rd world country.The only thing I needed ISK for was to get on the bus in Reykjavick.

I do have read your reply and aware credit card is well accepted iceland-wide.

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Firstly, the Euro currency is used in the Republic of Ireland as the official currency.First, let me say that Iceland does have financial problems, but in no way do these problems affect tourists.Iceland is a great place, but you should have no currency worries whatsoever.

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Third, credit cards are accepted for most everything in Iceland, and you can use them, but watch for fees than can increase your cost.Given the current financial problems over there, what currency should we take.

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CAN I SPEND UK STERLING IN DUBLIN. take enough money though we had a burger king and cost 8 euros for a double whopper meal which is.In the Republic of Ireland the currency used is the Euro and in Northern Ireland the currency.

Use your credit card and take out some ISK from an ATM in Iceland.Thanks FirebirdHK but your question regarding hedging currency apperciation is way beyond the level of my competence to answer.