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Definition: This terms refers to the expectation that a financial instrument return to its historical trend.MEAN REVERSION meaning - MEAN REVERSION definition - MEAN REVERSION explanation.

Is a stationary process necessarily mean-reverting?

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This article looks at how to build mean reversion trading systems and some examples of profitable mean reversion strategies.

Mean reversion is just one of the two primary ways people trade.

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Find out the Definition, Meaning and Explanation of reversion. noun the return of property to its original owner.Synonyms for reversion at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions.

They either follow trends (momentum) or play ranges (mean reversion), generally speaking.A reversion occurs when a property owner makes an effective transfer of property to.Mean reversion trading is also known as trading reversals or as trading V-Tops and V-Bottoms.Any future interest kept by a person who transfers property to another.This should follow immediately from the definition of stationarity: the mean of the process.


How to say reversion. You rely on mean reversion when trading the FTSE.

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Definition of MEAN REVERSION: The trend of interest rates that affect the long term returns of an investment.

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Mean reversion suggests that the asset prices will eventually reverse towards its mean or average.

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Intuitively, a stationary stochastic process needs to be mean-reverting.

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