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While the IRS will tell you what records are needed in the form of requested information, It is important to protect your rights before proceeding to respond to the 1040 audit.You may have been told that the IRS statute of limitations was three years from the date you filed your taxes.

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The standard way for the IRS to communicate to taxpayers about audits is through the US mail.

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Years of budget cuts and personnel reductions, particularly in enforcement, have left the IRS auditing fewer and fewer individual returns.

Artio Partners helps with IRS audit problem resolution, US expat tax services.IRS audits of small business software files Practitioners should balance risk for their clients.Selecting a return for examination does not always suggest that the.To reduce your likelihood of an audit come tax time, here are some common reasons IRS auditors and their computers may be suspicious about your return.We specialize in tax solutions and wealth management for U.S. taxpayers with a special focus on assisting Americans living abroad.

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If the IRS audit has unfavorable results, and you disagree with the outcome you have an opportunity to fight it.Office Audits: This type of tax audit is conducted at an IRS office and generally will focus on specific areas of the return and most commonly on substantiating travel, meal and entertainment expenses along with automobile expenses.

Ask any taxpaying adult one of their worst nightmares, and they will tell you it is an IRS Audit.

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Please click on the button below to get started with the resolution of your IRS audit problems.Few things are as nerve-wracking as a request from the Internal.

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If the audit is conducted by mail, you will receive a letter from the IRS asking for additional information about certain items shown on the tax return such as income, expenses, and itemized deductions.We maintain this tax blog where all articles are written by Enrolled Agents.While the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) allows taxpayers numerous opportunities to save on taxes, it is ultimately your responsibility to keep accurate records to.Learn how to make income tax audits less scary at HowStuffWorks.These returns are selected as part of the National Research Program, which the IRS conducts to update return selection information. offers tax audit defense and representation services for IRS and state audits.

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Please use your discretion before making any decisions based on the information provided.

IRS auditors are instructed to close audits within 28 months of the date you filed your tax return or the date it was due (April 15), whichever is later.Some commonly asked questions about IRS audits, and situations in which the IRS might audit a business: 1.An IRS audit is not an accusation of guilt, it simply is the.Even the mention of the IRS can evoke strong emotions from people suspecting.

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Your chances of facing an IRS audit fell to the lowest level in at least a decade in 2014 and are expected to drop.

If you are a US taxpayer overseas, we further recommend that you seek a professional who is experienced in expat tax preparation, like Tax Samaritan (most tax professionals have limited to no experience with the unique tax issues of expat taxpayers).We are conducting the first ever independent audit of the IRS, and we need your help.They are usually conducted by the auditor at your place of business or home.

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