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Britain has voted to leave the EU. but Europe can do little to accelerate the. on the chemistry of the relationship between the UK and Europe post.In some other EU countries such as France expats of working age are expected to pay the same healthcare costs as locals but once they reach retirement age their medical bills are paid by the NHS.After Brexit, Britain is going to have to negotiate new deals all on its own.The benefits do not apply to the UK but to other countries. 60.

Both the Conservatives and the Labour Party have ruled out another referendum, arguing that it would be an undemocratic breach of trust with the British people who clearly voted to Leave.It was negotiated between countries within a group known as the European Economic Area, often simply referred to as the single market (plus Switzerland, which confusingly is not a member of the EEA, but has agreed access to the single market).The total number of people moving to the UK was made up of 264,000 non-EU citizens, 250,000 EU citizens and 74,000 British citizens.Again, it depends on whether the UK government decides to introduce a work permit system of the kind that currently applies to non-EU citizens, limiting entry to skilled workers in professions where there are shortages.

Labour has said they will scrap the Great Repeal Bill if they win the election and replace it with an EU Rights and Protections Bill, which will copy across all EU law into UK law but make sure it cannot be changed or scrapped.

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A lot of money and a whole lot more complaining. T. This page may be out of date.If the government opted to impose work permit restrictions on EU nationals, then other countries could reciprocate, meaning Britons would have to apply for visas to work.

It was created as part of the Treaty of Lisbon - an agreement signed up to by all EU states which became law in 2009.What will happen to EU nationals who lived and worked in the UK and now receive a British state pension, asks Peter Barz, a German citizen living in the UK.How much has Brexit cost so far and how much will it cost by the end, asks Simon Johnston.She said she was happy to wait until the next scheduled election in 2020.If I retire to Spain or another EU country will my healthcare costs still be covered.

It has yet to reveal what system it would use for people who come to the UK for work or study.Lots of them see plenty that irritates them about the European Union, but they mainly argue that the benefits hugely outweigh the irritations.There is one wrinkle though and that is that you have to have paid in for at least 10 years.The land border between Northern Ireland and EU member the Republic of Ireland is likely to be a key part of the Brexit talks.

MPs reversed those changes and the unamended bill became law after the Lords backed down, with Labour peers dropping their backing for the changes.Like Mr Cameron, Mrs May was against Britain leaving the EU but she played only a very low-key role in the campaign and was never seen as much of an enthusiast for the EU.Once we have left the EU, you will no longer be able to do that unless we negotiate new reciprocal agreements.

Dee, from Launceston, wanted to know what would happen to EU laws covering protected species such as bats in the event of Britain leaving the EU.And in countries where you do find euroscepticism, such as Poland and Hungary, there is also a healthy awareness that there are huge financial benefits to membership.Sally Miller bought a house in Spain nine years ago and plans to retire there in the next five years.

She feared Labour, the SNP and other opposition parties - and members of the House of Lords - would try to block and frustrate her strategy, making the country look divided to other EU leaders and making her government look weak.Welcome to UKTradeInfo. and operates alongside the main HMRC website for the purpose of publishing and hosting UK. of goods between the UK and both EU and.

It has its own currency, the euro, which is used by 19 of the member countries, its own parliament and it now sets rules in a wide range of areas - including on the environment, transport, consumer rights and even things such as mobile phone charges.The post-Brexit trade deal is likely to be the most complex part of the negotiation because it needs the unanimous approval of more than 30 national and regional parliaments across Europe, some of whom may want to hold referendums.

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Mass migration from poorer to richer countries has also raised questions about the free movement rule.BBC assistant political editor Norman Smith says: The short answer is there is no easy access to benefits.A referendum - a vote in which everyone (or nearly everyone) of voting age can take part - was held on Thursday 23 June, 2016, to decide whether the UK should leave or remain in the European Union.The same process would apply to European Protected Species legislation, which relate to bats and their habitats.