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The price to sales ratio is a popular fundamental analysis ratio.

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Price to sales ratio (PSR ratio) indicates how much investor paid for a share compared to the sales a company generated per share.Price to Sales (TTM) Ratio ranking list of best performing Industries, Sectors and Companies - CSIMarket.Arguably, it is the least nuanced and therefore least manipulated valuation measure.

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It is most useful for comparing companies within a sector or.

Ken Fisher, CEO and CIO of Fisher Investments, popularized the Price to Sales Ratio in his 1986 best-selling book, Super Stocks.Technology Sector Price To Sales Ratio, current and historic statistics and averages - CSIMarket.

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Among a host of valuation metrics that are at disposal, Price-to-Sales.

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Price to Sales Ratio: The basics of investing and trading, plus resources and tips from our expert analysts.The list-to-sale or sale-to-list ratio is a sales metric used by real estate professionals to establish whether homes are selling more or less than the asking price.This multiple can then be applied to identify the relative value of similar stocks.

The price to sales ratio (PS ratio) is calculated by dividing stock price by the revenue per share.

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You should do your best to make the price to sales ratio as profitable as it can be for your company.

Financial sector earnings, profit margins, and valuation traps William Hester, CFA.

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Coupled with high relative strength in the previous 12 months, a low.

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