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Yes, Scotland and Wales have some autonomy, but the UK is still pretty much ruled from London.

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And you would only like cricket more if you enjoy sitting in the sun and rain for five days and still not get a result.The subject of business ethics addresses what can be considered morally right and wrong in the way businesses make decisions and conduct their activities.

They tend to focus on the communications part more while the UK tend to focus more on the operational changes.

Business Ethics: Sample Policies. 1 COMMENTS. (Nortel), we recognize the importance of credibility, integrity and trustworthiness to our success as a business.

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Bu the discipline of business in society benefits from this dynamics - bringing different approaches to the table.

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That role is especially important in business and finance,. whose head of UK operations,.UK falls in love again with Fairtrade bananas and coffee. The Guardian view on business ethics: decency needed. About 1,633 results for Ethical business.

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It helps that there is a strong central government in Europe.

These leaders drive change across all businesses and are needed in a less regulated business environment.This was put in place to ensure that companies do not see this as a way to hide money, and to ensure they spend their foundation money on what is good for society as a whole.

Not because they want to, but because people expect them to do their thing from the front - lead the way in how and what they give and the way they run their company.Every second story is about some celeb and their latest escapade.It is easy to understand the drive towards more regulations with so much power in the hands of a central government.

But the US is not in any way behind the UK when it comes to the role of business in society. No. They are just different.Business Ethics and Social Responsibility Sections of This Topic Include.And it is when these merge and mingle that we move further ahead in this world of ours.Corporate Citizenship is about what you do in your community.BUsiness schools are revamping syllabuses for ethic courses due to 2008 financial courses.

The reason why the community focus is so central in the US is because there is less of a safety net in the US than in most of Europe.

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There are enough lawyers here to ensure that you will get sued.Government will tell you what is bad and help you to become better.In the US, they believe in Corporate Citizenship and in the UK they believe in Corporate Responsibility.The Status of Business Ethics: A UK Perspective By Simon Webley International Business Ethics Review.

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Both benefits society, but they have slightly different points of departure.